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Please take the time to review the WODs and sign up for our annual BOTL IV.
Everyone can use the motivation and CrossFit Allegiance could also use the Support. We all put a lot of time and effort into this event and so far every year it has been a great success. The link to sign up is below. Thank you for your time and help!


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Push Press

Pausing Push Press

4 Sets of the Complex:

1 Pausing Push Press + 1 Push Press

1 Pausing Push Press + 1 Push Press

Set 1: 60%

Set 2: 65%

Sets 3-4: 70%

% Based off 1 RM Push Jerk


Reps are unbroken

OFF the rack

Pause 2 seconds in the dip of the Push Press

There is no pause in the regular Push Press

The goal of the Pausing Push Press is to establish a strong, vertical dip position

In the 2 second pause, focus on keeping the:

Torso Vertical

Heels Down

Elbows Up


Metcon (Time)

On the 4:00 x 5 Rounds:

20/15 Cal Row

40 DU

7 Front Squats (205/145)



40 DU

4 Front Squats (205/145)

Score is slowest Round


Rounds begin on the 0-4-8-12-16

Scaling options:

Goal is to cap each round at 3 minutes, or 1 minute per movement for a 1 minute rest


Choose variation that you can complete unbroken in around 30 seconds each round

Front Squats

The barbell comes from the floor, so it should also be a weight you can clean

Choose a moderately heavy front squat weight, but something you’ll complete unbroken every round

It is ok to squat clean the first rep