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Some of you know but most of you don’t……JJ was in a car accident a few months ago.  Someone hit her from behind while she was stopped at a traffic light.  Since the accident she has not been the same.  Two days ago she had to be rushed to the hospital.  She lost feeling and experienced complete paralysis.  While in ICU over the last couple of days she has regained complete movement but is very weak.  The doctors said it could take a month before she can regain just 50% of her muscle strength.  She has had an MRI, X-rays and lots of blood drawn.  They don’t know exactly what has caused complete paralysis but what they do know is she has some minor issue with her C6, an enlarged thyroid and an infection that surrounded it and was pushing on her spinal cord.

She will need to walk with a walker before they will release her from the hospital.  We all know how strong JJ is so this won’t be a problem. She is expecting to be released by tomorrow. OT and PT have started her rehab and little do they know she can back squat them!

 Needless to say she has a family to feed and a business to run and can’t do either.  Her family members are all good eaters and like healthy food.

We have set up a food train for everyone to pitch in and help out.  Please see the attachment below to sign up.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me 704-778-1408,

Thank you,



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Front Squat (8×3 at 80%, across)


Metcon (Time)


Overhead Squat (115/80)


500m Row