Battle Of The Lake Practice 1

Battle Of The Lake Practice 1

CrossFit Allegiance – CrossFit

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Distinguished (AMRAP – Reps)

0-3 min

Ring MU = 20 points

HSPU = 10 points

Wallballs = 3 points

10 Minute AMRAP Plus a 3 minute Bonus Round:

3-10 min

Athlete A – Max Cal Row

Athlete B – Max Thrusters

Athlete C – Dead hang

**Rotate whenever and however if at all.

**RX 95/65 Scaled 75/55

**Score is total Reps on the rower and thrusters

* One team member working at a time and each team member can choose any of the three movements.

*Points get added to your final rep count

Golden Girls (Time)

For time with a 14 minute time cap

75 Burpee Cash-in (One person working at a time).


Athlete A Isabel (30 snatches)

Athlete B Grace (30 C&J)

Athlete C 30 Squat Cleans

RX 135/95 and Scaled 95/65