CrossFit WOD, August 22, 2022

CrossFit WOD, August 22, 2022


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
Skill Practice

10 Minutes of Pulling Skill Practice

* Ring Muscle-ups
* Strict Ring Muscle-ups
* Bar Muscle-ups
* Strict Bar Muscle-ups
* Pegboard
* Strict Pegboard
* Rope Climbs (With Legs)
* Butterfly Pull-ups
* Butterfly Chest to Bar Pull-ups
* Seated Legless Rope climbs

– Choose one for today that you believe will benefit you most. We’ll practice skills all year, so there is no right or wrong.

– Score: Enter number of reps/attempts completed and record what you did/how you did them in your notes so you can keep track throughout the year. 

Back Squat (5 Sets:5-Reps @ 60-65%  *6-8 Second Eccentric)
– For EACH squat, control down for 6-8 seconds, but fire up as fast as you can out of the bottom. 

– Watch a clock or have someone count out loud for you so you complete the full 6-8 seconds to get the most out of these reps.
– Score: Enter heaviest set. Record sets/reps in your notes.