CrossFit WOD, July 10, 2023

CrossFit WOD, July 10, 2023

CrossFit – Mon, Jul 10

Front Squat (Build to a heavy set of 3)
Metcon (Time)

For Time:

100/80 Cal Row

60 Burpees Over the Rower

40 T2B

200 DU

*22 minute time cap*
Add one second for every rep

Chip away at each movement

Find a steady sustainable pace

Row aim to complete in 8:00 or less minutes

Burpees should take 6:00 or less minutes

T2B 3:00 or less minutes

DU 3:00 or less minutes

Have a good number of calories you want to get per minute to help with pacing. Settle in to a steady consistent pace on the burpees. Chip away at the T2B in small sets if needed. Or go for big sets. Either is a good option. Aim for big sets on the DU with quick breaks

Extra work


1 x 800m

2 x 600m

3 x 400m

4 x 200m

rest 1 minute between sets

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