CrossFit WOD, July 8, 2024

CrossFit WOD, July 8, 2024

CrossFit – Mon, Jul 8

240708 (6 Rounds for reps)

– RX –
6 rounds for time of:
10 DB burpee deadlifts (35/50 lb)
10 box jumps (24/30 in)

6 rounds for time of:
10 DB burpee deadlifts (20/35 lb)
10 box jumps (20/24 in)

6 rounds for time of:
10 DB burpee deadlifts (10/15 lb)
10 box step-ups (12/20 in)


:30 Samson stretch/side
:30 elevated pigeon stretch/side
:30 seated reach stretch

Work Your Weakness
– STRENGTH I – (7 Rounds for reps)

For load:
Snatch, clean, or jerk:
5 reps x 4 sets at 50-60%
4 reps x 3 sets at 60-70%

– Welcome to week 1 of our Strength I cycle. For the next eight weeks, choose between snatch, clean, or jerk (push or split) and stick with the same lift for the entire eight weeks. You can change the lift in the next eight-week cycle.
– Use a recent 1-rep-max to find your percentages.
– Take the barbell out of a rack for the jerk.
– Rest as needed between sets.

STRENGTH II (5 Rounds for reps)

For load:

Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5+

– Max reps on the last set.

– Welcome to week one of our Strength II cycle where we will deadlift for the next four weeks. – Find a heavy set of 5 deadlifts. This may not be a 5-rep-max but find your heavy 5-rep lift for the day. – Use the same load for sets 4 and 5, but go for more than 5 reps in that final set without pushing to failure.

– STRENGTH III – (4 Rounds for reps)

4 sets for load:

1:00 kettlebell front-rack hold

15 sumo stance good mornings

– Use the heaviest pair of kettlebells possible that allows for a challenging but manageable unbroken 1-minute hold.

– Use an empty barbell on the first set of sumo stance good mornings; add weight as long as the reps stay unbroken and snappy.

– SKILL I – (Checkmark)

10 sets:

50-ft handstand walk

– Rest 1:00 between sets

– Advanced athletes should try to complete each set unbroken. If you fail an attempt, go back to the start. If 50 feet is too far, reduce the distance to accommodate your ability.

– Spend no more than 20 minutes on this session.

– STAMINA I – (15 Rounds for reps)

15 sets for time:

600-meter C2 bike

– Rest :30 between sets.

– All sets under 1:30.

– Start at a conservative pace and speed up after the first couple of sets.

– Find a pace that you can maintain, challenging yourself to not deviate from that pace by more than 5 seconds in either direction.

– C2 bike substitutions: 1,000-m Assault bike, 1,000-m Echo bike, 300-m row, 300-m SkiErg

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