Jill Quilla Olinger has been a competitive athlete her entire life and began CrossFitting back in 2010. She has an Exercise Sports Science degree from UNCG where she was a scholarship athlete playing Division I softball.

She registered for her first competition in 2011. CrossFit has since become her sport of choice. Jill’s passion for CrossFit soon collided with her entrepreneurial spirit. She saw the opportunity to bring CrossFit to Denver, NC and on November 15th, 2012, Jill opened CrossFit Allegiance.

When not coaching classes or working out, Jill can be found with her daughters, Julia Lily and Avery biking in Jetton Park, or on a paddleboard on Lake Norman.


Graduated with Exercise Sport Science Degree
Division 1 Athlete
CrossFitting for 5 years
Personal training for over 10 years
CrossFit Level 1 Certificate
CrossFit Kids Certificate
CrossFit Olympic Lift Certificate
CrossFit Judges Certificate
CPR Certificate
CrossFit Level 2 Cert
CrossFit Scaling Course


  • 81st place in the World for the CrossFit Open Masters Division 2017
  • Qualified for CrossFit Masters online Regional Qualifier
  • 1st place River Ruckus Master team 2017
  • Top 4 finish, Women’s Rx Division, CrossFit River Ruckus, Asheville, NC, 2013
  • Top 10 finish, Women’s Rx Division, CrossFit Greenville Games, Greenville, SC, 2013
  • 1st Place Team Competition, CrossFit Garage Games One, 2014


Graduated from Western Carolina University in 2010, majoring in Business. While at Western Carolina I participated as a walk on athlete for the football and baseball team. I found CrossFit in 2012 an have been addicted ever since. Coming from an athletic background I am always looking for a way to compete, after college I started lifting weights and competing in the sport of Triathlons but as we know lifting heavy weights and competing as an endurance athlete don’t mix. I was introduced to CrossFit while away on a business meeting and my first workout was “Linda”, immediately after that workout I never looked back and have been doing CrossFit ever since. As a coach I enjoy seeing people push their limits and getting in the best shape of their


CrossFit Level 1 Certificate
CrossFitting for 1-2 years
Coaching CrossFit for 7+ years


Alyson Knight has been CrossFitting for 3 years, coaching for 6 months has been a certified Level One CrossFit coach for a year and a half. After being a fitness junkie (and trying all things fitness) for the last 20 years, CrossFit hooked her and she’s never looked back. She still loves road and mountain biking, yoga, and swimming, but lifting weights is her favorite. She played recreational sports growing up and one year of softball in college.

Professionally, Alyson is a nationally certified sign language interpreter working in the greater Charlotte area. She has been married to hubby, Bill, for almost 20 years and they have two young boys together. Alyson has lived in Denver less than a year, but already loves it!

Some stats: Fran = 4:35; Grace = 4:02; Deadlift = #260; Back squat = #220; Clean = #150.


Level One CrossFit coach


Eric has been coaching at CrossFit Allegiance for 6 years. Prior to CrossFit he spent many years on the road in corporate America. He was a runner who supplemented strength training at globo gyms. Struggling with high blood pressure on the road for years, CrossFit has changed his life. Within a year of beginning CrossFit, Eric’s physician weaned him off of his three blood pressure medicines and he’s been off them since. “We have an amazing community who push and pull you along inside the gym and out. We enjoy spending time with one another outside of CrossFit Allegiance. It’s a healthy place to be.”


CrossFit Level 1 Certificate
CrossFit Level 2 Certificate
CrossFit Kids Certificate
CrossFitting for 7 years
Coaching CrossFit for 6 years
Several years experience in Track


I had just moved to Jacksonville, Florida and I was looking for a new gym. I came across a gym owned and operated by two Force Reconnaissance Marines. I walked in and saw people bench pressing. (very unlike typical CrossFit gyms.) I came back the next day to do my first workout. Clean & jerks and running. It sent me to the floor wheezing and wanting more! There members were mostly current military. Such as Green Berets, Air Force SEREs and DOD contractors. At the time, I thought nothing of it, just a bunch of good dudes working on their fitness but when I joined the Army myself. I realized I was surrounded by greatness. I’ve made it my goal to join my brothers in special operations by any means necessary. Which is why I see CrossFit as my passion and a gateway to achieve my goals.



I attended a Saturday CrossFit class a week after my 12th birthday. My goal then was to increase my speed and stamina for football. While both of those happened, I also developed an intense desire to better myself off the football field. I improved my eating habits and I liked the results of both the diet change and the hard work at the box. After a year, I decided not to play football anymore and focus solely on getting better at CrossFit. I would pick a goal (pull-ups, double-unders, bar muscle-ups, ring muscle-ups, pistols…etc.) and work until I got it right. Sometimes I would meet my timeline to master these movements and sometimes I wouldn’t but there was always something inside of me, pushing me to not quit until I got it right.

I’ve competed in several individual competitions and a good many partner/team competitions. Those are my favorite. The partner/team atmosphere pushes me even harder. I love the camaraderie and the support. The majority of my teammates have been adults. These same adults who encouraged me as a 12 year old have become my friends today. I have grown-up in CrossFit and I wouldn’t take anything for my “home away from home.” I knew fairly quickly that one day I would want to coach CrossFit. So, as soon as I turned 17, I completed my level one course, and I have enjoyed every second of coaching since then! Coaching has taken my passion to a whole new level. I’ve been able to utilize what I learned as a student and pass that along to those I now coach. I love working with experienced members as well as new ones.

Out of the box, I enjoy camping, playing cornhole, doing mission work, playing electric guitar in the band at church, and a good cheat meal! I am blessed with an incredible family at home and an incredible family at CrossFit Allegiance. Life is good.


Kate Robertson


CrossFitting since 2012
7 years CrossFit coaching experience
CrossFit Level One
USAW Level One
Precision Nutriton Level One
Nutritional Coaching Institute Level One
Masters & Bachelors degree in Physical Education
Married to Frank, mom of two boys
Beau & Brooks ages 2 & 5