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I had a lot of preconceived notions about CrossFit: you have to be strong to even walk in and start, you work out until you throw up, hyper-competitive atmosphere. The list goes on. A couple of my friends said they had found a gym locally that they really enjoyed and talked to me about it enough that it peaked my interest. They didn’t represent any of my preconceived notions and I have always wanted to be stronger. I live on a small farm and I wanted to move through my life easier, more fit and more capable. I went in.

Here’s just a small piece of what I’ve uncovered over the course of the first few classes that have held true now that I am almost 1 year into my Cross Fit Allegiance journey.
1. You do NOT have to be strong to walk in. I literally had almost no strength when I walked in. I did air squats because I wasn’t strong enough to use weights. It didn’t matter and I wasn’t the only one.
2. Walking in the first day is the hardest part of CF. If you can get yourself through the door, you are going to find amazingly encouraging and knowledgeable owners who are kind and want you to be safe and grow personally. You will find other people who are going to welcome you immediately and will also help to encourage you. These same people will work as your inspiration for what you might want to be able to do in the future. If you need someone to walk through the door with, I’ll meet you outside.
3. EVERYTHING we do everyday can be modified and will be modified when you start. You don’t have to figure it out. They will patiently tell you what to do.
4. You will NOT be the only one doing things modified. Many people in every class everyday are modifying at least part of the workout.
5. NOBODY looks down on you for modifying your workout. They will start you at YOUR starting place and help you get stronger over time. I’ve been going almost a year and most of what I do everyday is modified in some way. It’s just not a big deal as long as you are pushing yourself.
6. EVERYBODY is happy that you are there working out and doing YOUR personal best.
7. Just show up. Go as consistently as you can and you will get stronger.
8. Laugh at yourself. There are days that I feel really awkward. Just keep moving and laugh at yourself because you are there and you are doing it no matter how awkward or ugly it might look.

I feel so comfortable with the atmosphere and the owners and coaches that I started bringing my 11 year old son. I would not have brought him if this wasn’t a super encouraging, family atmosphere. Don’t get me wrong. There are highly competitive athletes in this gym. They just are so inclusive and kind to those of us just starting our own personal journey of improving strength that I did not hesitate for a minute to bring him. He loves the personal growth aspect of it. He gets a lot of positive feedback from the coaches and from other adults working out that it keeps him coming.

I’m not there to be the strongest woman in the gym. I’m there to be stronger than I was yesterday and to be able to use that strength to make my everyday life easier. I am stronger. Things are easier. I have a bunch of personal goals that I hope to achieve by year 2 (like being able to do real push ups and maybe even 1 pull up) and I look forward to the journey getting there.

I have only been going to CrossFit Allegiance since July 3rd, 2017, but I can tell you it is worth it.  The hardest part is walking in the door.  WALK IN THAT DOOR.  Jill and Eric, along with all the other coaches are amazing and supportive.  They truly care about helping people get healthy.  I know this is the place to help me reach my goal of being fit and I know they will do the same for others.


Rob Allen

I’ve been going to CrossFit Allegiance for a little over 2 months. My experience has been amazing! I was a little intimidated at first because I have never worked out before joining this team and I am not a strong person. I have become stronger in such a small amount of time. My body is transforming and is becoming more fit. Thanks to the guidance and instruction from Jill, Eric, Alyson and Leslie I am hooked and love Crossfit!


Thanks for all you do for us!



CrossFit Allegiance is more than a gym, it’s a caring community of like-minded people who share fitness, health and well being goals. We support each other in a way I’ve never experienced at any other gym. The functional fitness of CrossFit is suitable for any person, regardless of fitness level and ability. And it’s addictive! CFA is awesome!


CrossFit Allegiance has changed my life in many ways. I’m fitter, stronger, and healthier than I’ve ever been and the community of our gym is very special. Is CrossFit tough? You bet, but nothing worth doing is easy. There is simply no where better for a life change than CrossFit Allegiance.

I am 6 weeks into training with CrossFit Allegiance and I can already see a difference in my body…tightening up, leaning out and my clothes are loose. I could not be more happy with Jill and Eric. They are supportive and patient while teaching correct form. I appreciate that safety is a huge priority at Allegiance. Members are welcoming and atmosphere is relaxed/friendly. A great place to challenge yourself while getting an awesome workout.

Joining Crossfit Allegiance has been the best thing for my emotional and physical wellbeing I’ve ever done. The support, encouragement, and motivation from the coaches and members alike is world class. It’s great to be involved with a community of people who want nothing more than for you to be your best, and not judge you when you’re not.

(all true for me, not some marketing BS)