Call 704-778-1408 or email us at [email protected] for details on different membership options such as month to month, 6 month contracts, student rates, and family plans.

You will be fine. 95% of our members walked in the door with no CrossFit experience. The hardest thing you will have to do is walk through the door. Everyone knows how you feel and has been in your shoes.

Yes you will be in a group setting with one on one coaching. Our classes allow between 12-15 people with 2 coaches watching your form and teaching you individually and as a group.

Bring water or you can buy water when you arrive. Make sure you are dressed to workout. You will sign a waiver. Once you have filled out a waiver we will put you through a simple warm-up and put you through a physical assessment and then start you on your workout plan.

Call 704-778-1408 to reserve a class time and day. Also feel free to visit us anytime during a scheduled class time.