How to reduce injury, increase longevity and optimize performance seminar with Dr. Seth Oberst, DPT, CSCS

When: July 25th at 10:30am-12:30pm

Where: CrossFit Allegiance

Cost: $60

As we refine the modern CrossFit approach to human performance the ability to reduce injury, increase longevity, and optimize performance depends on our ability to move well – sustainably.

The best athletes are those who are efficient, resilient, and adaptable. This 2-hour Movement & Performance course led by Dr. Seth Oberst, DPT, CSCS will help you move with more skill and less pain by:

Resolving nagging mobility issues with movement and mobility considerations for various body regions – special emphasis on the shoulder, pelvis/low back, and knee

Addressing the interdependence of movement patterns, why position matters and how to improve it

Self-regulation and recovery methods – hard work without the requisite strategies to regenerate is time wasted!

So, who is this course for? Anyone with a nervous system and a body (hint: that’s everyone) who wants to improve their performance and move without limits.

More on the instructor:
Dr. Seth Oberst, DPT, CSCS is a residency-trained physical therapist and strength & conditioning coach with a holistic, progressive approach to human movement patterns and their impact on sport and function.

Currently practicing in South Carolina, Seth focuses on performance-based sports medicine with an emphasis on returning individuals to elite-level sport and function. Dr. Oberst uses a neuroscience-centric treatment approach with progressive strength and conditioning techniques. His clients include collegiate, professional, and Olympic athletes in both team and individual sports; competitive age-division and Masters athletes as well as powerlifting and CrossFit competitors. He also works as an Injury Prevention and Performance Consultant for several high school sports teams and CrossFit affiliates.

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