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Golden Girls 2 (Time)

For time with a 12 minute time cap

Team of 3

Cash-in: 100 Burpees


30 snatches (Isabel)

30 Clean & Jerks (Grace)

30 Squat Cleans

RX 135/95 and Scaled 95/65

**One person working at a time

**Tag team member to step in at anytime

**You have to do the WOD in the order as it is written and you have to finish each movement before moving onto the next movement.

**Score is time it took you to finish the WOD.

** Tie breaker will be time it took to finish Isabel
make note of your Isabel time in the notes.



Distinguished 2 (AMRAP – Reps)

10 Minute AMRAP

0-3 minutes

Max Ring MU


Max Wallballs RX (20/14#) (10’/9′) Scaled (20/14#) (10’/8′)

-then- you have 10 seconds to get set for second half of WOD

3:10-10 minutes

Max Cal Row

Max Thrusters RX 95/65 Scaled 75/55

Dead hang

Rules for 0-3 minutes:

*One athlete working at a time

*Athletes MUST tag team member when switching

*During 0-3 minutes Athletes have to stay with the same movement they choose meaning if Athlete A is doing Ring MU then they can only continue to do Ring MU for the entire 3 minutes. You can have as many athletes as you want doing the same movement. For example Athlete A, B and C can all do Wallballs or Athlete A can do Wall-balls Athlete B does HSPU and Athlete C also does HSPU. Just remember if B and C are doing HSPU they continue to do HSPU for the entire duration of the 3 minutes tagging and switching back and forth as many times as needed for 3 minutes if at all.

*Each member does not have to do a movement if you don’t want them to.

* You can have only Athlete A do ring MU the entire time if that is what you choose.

Ring MU = 25 points

HSPU = 10 points

Wallballs = 3 points

Rules for 3-10 minutes

On minute three you will start the second half of the WOD. You can have one of your athletes already sitting on the rower with it turned on and ready to go at anytime from 0-3 minutes.

**Rotate whenever and however if at all.

**Score is total Reps on the rower and # of thrusters combined with points from 0-3 minutes.

* If the dead hang comes to a rest then the person on the thrusters has to stop working.

* The rower does not have to stop working if the dead hang comes to a rest. Only the person doing thrusters has to stop and can only continue when the dead hang resumes.

* You DO NOT have to tag your partner when switching on this half of the WOD

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