CrossFit WOD, October 18, 2021

CrossFit WOD, October 18, 2021


Metcon (1 Rounds for reps)
– Complete as many strict pull-ups as possible in 1 set. 

– You can hang from the bar as long as you’d like between reps. As soon as your feet touch the ground, your set is complete.

– Be sure that every rep hits full range of motion: Arms lockout in the bottom with head between the arms and chin gets fully over the bar at the top.

– Score: Total Reps

Metcon (1 Rounds for reps)
– Set a clock for 1:00 and walk as far as possible.

– Hands will need to start behind the beginning of a section and finish when both hands have fully crossed any line that follows.

– Each 6ft. section will equal 1 rep.

– Score: Total reps completed within the 1:00 window.

RX will be max wall walks

Scaling options
Max strict press DB 50/35

Metcon (Time)
4 Rounds For Time:
500 Meter Row
12 Burpees
12 Pull-ups
21 Box Jumps or step-ups (24"/20")