Event Series 6 & 8

Event Series 6 & 8

Main – CrossFit


Bench Press (2 Rep Max)

Team Bench Press:
Class Average Bench press for 2 Rep max Bench Press. This will be the total weight divided by the number of people in class i.e. If only 2 people are in class for example Brandon does 2 reps at 250 and Kim does 2 reps at 100 it’s 350 divided by 2 for a 175 class average. Every athlete in the class will be a part of the team. As a team you will have a total of 12 minutes for athletes to complete their lifts using a single barbell for every 4 people. The class score will be the sum of each athlete’s successfully completed lift divided by the number of athletes in the class.

NOTE: The bench press starts and ends with the athlete supporting the weight with the elbows locked out. At the bottom, the barbell must come into contact with the athlete’s chest.Throughout each repetition, the hips must stay on the bench and the feet must stay on the ground. Stacking plates under the athlete’s feet is permitted as long as the feet stay on the plates the entire time. Spotters are permitted but the elbows must come to full lockout at the top before the spotter grabs the bar or it is a no rep.


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

15 Min AMRAP
50 deadlifts, partner holds deadlift, 225 / 155 lb.

50 handstand push-ups, partner holds handstand

50 deadlifts, partner holds deadlift, 155 / 105 lb.

50 push presses, partner holds handstand, 105 / 65 lb.
This event begins with both barbells on the floor and both athletes standing tall. While performing deadlifts, the partner must be holding their barbell at the top of the deadlift. During the handstand push-up, the partner must be holding a handstand on the wall. Pairs may divide the reps in whatever manner they choose.

All of the deadlift repetitions must be performed before the pair may move on to the handstand push-ups. The teams score is the total repetitions completed within the 15-minute time cap.

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