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Power Clean


5 Sets:

1 Hang Clean High Pull

1 Low-Hang Power Clean


Every 1:30 x 5:

1 Hang Power Clean

1 Power Clean

Athletes Notes:

On our clean primer, we have five sets of a hang clean high pull paired with low-hang power clean.

Hang Clean High Pull

After deadlifting the bar to the hang position, lower the bar to knee-level to start. In the high pull, we are looking to keep the bar close to the body as we bend the elbows. The “scarecrow” applies here, with elbows high and outside.

Note that the heels stay glued to the floor. As we move through this primer, let’s focus on all of our weight and power being focused at the “heel arch”, or the area right beneath our ankle bone. A very common fault in the clean is when we come to our toes too early, resulting in a deactivation of the glutes. We’re not at max power here. Make the loads lighter to focus in on our technique.

Low-Hang Power Clean

The low-hang position is below the knee, but not touching the floor. It’s essentially as far past the knee as we can go without touching the ground. What is it not, is a stiff-legged pull. As the bar crosses over our knee, bend the knees just as we would for a repetition off the floor. This position forces us to maintain stronger positions, and gives us a chance to refine our mechanics on components of the 1st pull before we go heavier in the next part.

Build to a heavy complex (1 hang power + 1 power):

Set #1 – 75% of estimated 1RM Power Clean

Sets #2,3,4,5 – Build to a heavy complex. Focus on moving well.

This does not have to be touch and go. Focusing in on our set-up position from the floor, let’s start from a dead stop.


Metcon (Time)

15 Power Cleans, 600m Run

10 Power Cleans, 400m Run

5 Power Cleans, 200m Run

Rx – 155/105

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