CrossFit WOD, April 17, 2024

CrossFit WOD, April 17, 2024

CrossFit – Wed, Apr 17

Choose one workout

Quater-finals I do not recommend doing the strength

Deadlift (5×5 Climbing)
Pre-Quarterfinals Prep

On the :90s mark x 3 Rounds (18 minutes)

0:00-1:30 7/5 Max Effort Row

1:30-3:00 7/5 Max Effort Ski Erg

3:00-4:30 Choose one of the following gymnastic movements

-Handstand walks 8 mat lengths

-6/4 Ring MU

-8 Wall-facing HSPU

-2 Legless rope climbs

Metcon (Time)

For Time:


Power Clean

Calorie Row

Push Jerks

Calorie Row

Barbell 115/85

Please don’t drop the barbell from overhead.

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