What is CrossFit Allegiance all about?

What is CrossFit Allegiance all about?

What is our vision at CrossFit Allegiance? Why choose us? Our ultimate goal is fitness, health, wellness, disease prevention, longevity, and to stay out of the nursing home as we enjoy life. We want to create productive people. At CFA, we have a family of humble, healthy people that want to kick butt into their golden years. We work with all ages; from kids and teens to adults and seniors. It starts NOW.

Thanks to my parents, exercise has been a part of my life since early childhood. It was part of our daily routine, not something we dreaded and started doing because we needed to lose weight. It was a part of life, just as much as getting up for work, going to school, eating and breathing. It was what we did as a family and we enjoyed doing it.

Whether my parents knew what they were instilling in me or not, I don’t know, but I do know just how fortunate I am to have been given the chance to be healthy. As a child, or a teen, your nutrition is at the mercy of your parents. Are they making healthy choices? Are they setting a good example living a healthy lifestyle for their children?

Trying new things can be scary and walking into a CrossFit gym for the first time can be downright frightening. However, after walking through the door for the first time, you quickly realize everyone is supportive and encouraging. They want to see you succeed. You can try new things and not be judged. CrossFit is humbling for everyone. People of all ages are encouraged to stop in and try our place. From children to seniors, you can come to our place try, succeed and fail without feeling uncomfortable

The workouts are challenging and trying new movements can look and feel awkward for ANYONE. However, the support and encouragement for every person on every skill level is an amazing result of an amazing community here at CrossFit Allegiance.

It is also something that you can do as a family. CrossFit will help you with sports, everyday living, health and longevity. CrossFit Allegiance has many levels of role models for all ages. From a mom or dad getting a pull-up for the first time to a teen who can finally squat hips below knees properly, to our top competitor that just snatched 300lbs. The amount of role models we surround ourselves with is endless and creates a healthy environment for everyone at CrossFit Allegiance.

We are creating healthier bodies, minds and increasing self-esteem, TOGETHER, so we can each live a healthy, active life.

It’s beneficial for kids and teens to see some amazing adults stay in shape and the adults are inspired by the kids and teens motivation and drive.  

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