CrossFit WOD, November 18, 2022

CrossFit – Fri, Nov 18 Deadlift (Build to a heavy single) <p>Suggested warm-up</p><p>3-5 reps @ 50%</p><p>2-3 reps @ 60%</p><p>1-2 reps @ 70%</p><p>1 rep @ 80%</p><p>1 rep @ 85%</p><p>keep building with small jumps until you reach your heavy single</p> Metcon (Time) <p>Partner WOD</p><p>50 Ring MU</p><p>100 DB Hang Snatch 50/35</p><p>4,000m Row</p><p> </p><p>RX – Bar MU</p><p>Modifications for MU</p><p>C2B/Pull-ups/Ring Rows</p>

CrossFit WOD, November 16, 2022

CrossFit – Wed, Nov 16 Shoulder Press (Build to a heavy single) <p>Suggested Warm-up</p><p>Empty Bar 10 strict press</p><p>Light weight 5 strict press</p><p>2-3 presses at next weight jump…. keep building in singles.&nbsp; Make big jumps early on and small ones as you get closer to your max.</p> Metcon (Time) <p>5 Rounds For Time:</p><p>30 DU</p><p>10 Deadlifts 185/135</p><p>5 …

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CrossFit WOD, November 9, 2022

CrossFit – Wed, Nov 9 Shoulder Press (3-4 Sets: 1-2 Reps @ 85-90% of 1RM Strict Press (across) *Rest As Needed Between Sets ) Metcon (Time) <p>Partner WOD</p><p>For Time:</p><p>80 T2B</p><p>400m&nbsp;Run</p><p>70 V-ups&nbsp;(split reps sit-up at the same time)</p><p>60 Synchronized&nbsp;Bar facing burpees&nbsp;</p><p>400m Run</p><p>50 Synchronized Bar facing Burpees&nbsp;</p><p>30 Front&nbsp;Squats 135/95</p><p> </p><p>Split reps and run together&nbsp;</p>

CrossFit WOD, November 8, 2022

CrossFit – Tue, Nov 8 Power Clean + Push Jerk (5 Sets: 1 Power Clean + 3 Push Jerks    All Sets Performed @ 75-80% of 1RM Clean & Jerk (across) Rest As Needed Between Sets.  ) Metcon (Time) <p>5 Rounds For Time:</p><p>9 Clean &amp; Jerks</p><p>30 DU</p><p>9 C2B</p><p>30 Du</p><p> </p><p>barbell ADV RX 115/85 RX 95/65</p>